We believe in the age old Law of Attraction. Giving generously is not just a means to an end for us, but is a lifestyle we believe will change the world. By giving of our time, resources, and intentionality, we not only sow into our future, but ultimately free others to walk into their destiny.

- FUN -

Its true: we have a high value for fun. Not only do we believe that life should be full of generosity but we also believe the best way to live it is with laughter and an adventure. What better tribute to our call than to enjoy every minute of the life we are living! Living a life of fun fosters community and creativity, two things Jesus highly valued, and God designed to crave and live for.

- 100% SUCESS -

In order to maintain a standard as a innovative and cutting edge organization there is no room for failure. Even when something does not go according to plan we believe that it is still a success because we are constantly pioneering and venturing into “unchartered territory”. Because of that mentality, we never see setbacks as failures, or low numbers as a letdown: we have never ventured into these waters before, so there is no standard of success or failure. We have a 0% failure rate, only a rate of 100% success.

- IT'S A YES -

Any and every idea is first considered a “yes” or green light in our book. We take every creative venture and concept, and we play out every angle to see if it is beneficial, on the heart of God, and led by the Holy Spirit. Simply put, we believe: it’s a yes, unless we know it’s a no. We are not afraid of risk, but embrace it. We believe in taking huge leaps of faith, and we are persistent and unyielding when God speaks in our life.


We first and foremost believe that Jesus Christ is the only way to eternal salvation, and that His life on earth was to lead those lost in sin to a redemptive relationship with God, as their Father. We also hold true that the Holy Spirit is an equal part of the triune God. In our journey of life, it is vital that we always walk in relationship with God, modeling the life of His Son Jesus, and honoring the leading of the Holy Spirit. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is alive today through the full demonstration of signs, wonders, and miracles displayed through the lives of the Heirs of salvation on earth.