BARA Bracelet

BARA Bracelet

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BARA a Hebrew word that means “God’s power and ability to create, shape, and form.”

Wear this bracelet as a statement of God’s creative power that has been working OR is now at work in your life.

“The God who created the cosmos, stretched out the skies, laid out the earth and all that grows from it, who breathes life into earth’s people, makes them alive with His own life.” ISAIAH 42:5

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Rain-The Hannah Bracelet: Inspired by Hannah in the Bible. A women who understood the power of her voice in asking for the desires of her heart. She knew that sorrow was not her portion but rather God’s plan was better than her disappointment. Hannah birthed the new company of prophets that ushured in the Kingdom. Hannah asked for rain in the time of rain. God’s provision was always available. 1 Samuel 1

Harvest-The Sarah Bracelet: Inspired by Sarah in the Bible. A woman who understood that God’s promises will surely produce a harvest. She would not live in lack because of her surroundings but fixed her eyes of faith on the One who perfects her story. She truly is the mother of harvest for the nations. Genesis 17 | Hebrews 11:11

Phoenix-The Jael Bracelet: Inspired by Jael in the Bible. A woman that understood that her position and talent could be used as a power to bring freedom to the oppressed. Timing was her best resource and her passion was her ally. Rising from her position she became a deliverer for her people. Judges 4 & 5

Oil-The Esther Bracelet : Inspired by Esther in the Bible. A woman who understood that time in the presence produces necessary transformation. Esther dedicated her life to carry something unique that ultimately won favor that lead to freedom. As a woman of great purpose and sacrifice, Esther was an inperfect vessel to carry perfect oil that would change the course of history. The Book of Esther

Fire-The Deborah Bracelet: Inspired by Deborah in the Bible. A woman that rose to great power in the day of great testing. Deborah understood that her voice carried the spark of change and transformation to the people around her. Unwilling to compromise, her fierce leadership led the way for the fire to fall and God’s victories to be secured. Judges 4 & 5

Wind-The Elizabeth Bracelet: Inspired by Elizabeth in the Bible. A woman who understood that trusting in God also meant trusting His leading. Confident in who she was and what she carried, Elizabeth held the breakthrough for humanity. She carried the voice of a new sound for the next generation. Elizabeth ushered in a new day for the wind of the Spirit to blow. Luke 2

Dwell-”Limited Edition” Goodness & Mercy Bracelet: Inspired by Plasm 23:6. When we are hidden in the house of the Lord, we are able to stay ahead of the enemies attack. The Lord then promises that goodness and mercy will follow you all the days of your life. This bracelet is a prophetic act of how you can dwell with the Father, and fear will not be able to find you! Psalm 23:6

Reformer-”Limited Edition” The Paul Bracelet: Inspired by Paul the Apostle, who lived a personal reformation in order to bring a global reformation. Paul understood that living a message of change gave inspiration, permission and power for those around hum to model the same truth. By living the reality of a New Covenant, Paul courageously led the church into movement of freedom and transformation. Colossians 3:12-17