Inspired by the great revivals and outpourings of the last 100 years, Revival Co. started with passionate believers worshiping God in spirit and truth.  With a burning desire to experience the same power of the Holy Spirit demonstrated in the book of Acts, Revival Co. began meeting twice a month.  In a matter of months this small gathering filled an entire house, and eventually had to turn away cars of hungry believers.   In less than a year, Revival Co. Worship Nights have had over 400 people come through its doors.  Healings, miracles, prophecy, encounters with God's love and power are what makes this gathering unique and special.  The only plan, only agenda, and only focus is to experience true biblical power and truth through the overwhelming love and presence of God. 

Fostering earnest relationship with God is the continued pursuit of Revival Co.  With large gatherings on Fridays bi-weekly, intentional pursuit of God’s presence is a constant.  

At each gathering you can expect to worship with other passionate people. Often times these meetings are marked by prophetic ministry, outward expressions of God’s power and love (healing, supernatural presence or scents in the room, words of knowledge, encounters of God’s love and emotional healing), and times of personal ministry shared by all those attending. 

If you have been looking for a gathering of believers who know and value God's presence and power, then you have found what you have been seeking.  If you desire to be part of a group passionate about revival breaking out in this region, then you have found a home.  If you want to experience more of God and grow to your fullest, then you have found what you have been looking for. To keep up with dates, times, locations, please follow Revival Co. on social media. Hope to see you soon! 

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