Inside the heart of every believer there is a God-Given blueprint of our purpose and identity. Because we have been exposed and deceived by the lies of the enemy, willingly or unwillingly, these false truths began to take root and established a pattern of thoughts and behaviors that oppose the way God designed us to be. This prevents us from fully becoming who we are meant to be in Jesus.

We believe that God still desires for each of His children to turn their hearts back to Him and live in total freedom which is the intention behind Blueprint Ministry. Guided by Holy Spirit, we partner in love to reveal the places where lies have taken root, break the agreements, and send them to the cross!

If you are interested in our Blueprint Ministry please fill out the form and we will get back with you on more information about each session and any other questions you may have!

*Filling out this form isn’t a guarantee for a session with our Ministry team. We take time and prayerful consideration in this journey for each person and believe that in communication with our team and the Lord, together we can find the best path for each unique, individual person.

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