On the 2ND Day of Christmas

11 Gift Ideas for Guys-new.png


Keep your drink cold for up to 24 hours or hot for up to 12 hours in these super cool thermos bottles! There are many options for color and size.


With the Apple Watch you can track your fitness, respond to texts, make calls, use GPS and so much more. You can get Series 1-Series 3 in many places.


The Passion Bible is a new version of The full New Testament, Psalms, Proverbs, and Song of Songs. This version is described as a “heart level translation that expresses God’s firey heart of love-merging the emotion and life-changing truth of God’s word.”  We found quite a few versions, so we gave the most affordable option!


This trimmer is the top rated trimmer! It comes with everything you need to trim or sculpt your hair!


On our imomentum.org website we are selling quite a few things! One of the more recent and popular products is the Giving Keys. With many options on finish and many words to choose from this is great for a personalized gift for any guy in your life!


Shawn Bolz is a well known public figure and an established author. In his book “God Secrets” you will grow and learn to use God's wisdom and knowledge!

Sky Viper v2400


In the age of social media, drones are what takes your videos to the next level! There are so many options for drones, some more expensive, some a little cheaper. We choose this one because it is good quality as well as decently priced.


The most hype game of the season! NBA 2k has a version for most gaming systems, and is great for multi-player games! There is many versions available for your choice of gaming systems.


NIV Boys Bible is full of important facts, highlighted Bible stories and even something called “Grossology” with gross and gory stuff in the Bible!


Momentum Ministries offer many products. This t-shirt is about making a statement!


The LEGO Ideas Book is a great way to unlock creativity! It encourages problem solving and time away from electronics! This is also good for parent/children bonding. The ideas are endless!