Scalable Dreams

I believe that God is releasing a special grace this month for you to make your dreams scalable.   If you will set your mind to it, face the challenges of your life, and ask God for guidance (and perhaps seek guidance from others), you could walk out of this month with a developed plan for growth!  In asking God to make our dreams scalable, I think a few key things will be available to us. 


1.      New building:  Specific end goals and an outline will become clear. Ask God for clarity.  Then write down three main goals you hope to accomplish in the fulfillment of your dreams.  Then begin to map out an outline for how you might accomplish these goals. 


2.     Fresh Perspective: Take time to ask God to give you a fresh perspective, and also consider presenting our goals and dreams to another. Don’t be afraid of challenging thoughts or feedback. This will help you define your process. 


3.     Trial and Error:  Set plans into motion!  This month, make a commitment to try out your dream, even if it’s just starting to have meetings with others who might be interested in partnering with you.  You will never know how to improve, unless you try.  You must first try, even if its not fully successful the way you want it to be.  Part of making something scalable is getting a system down.  Then, you improve on that system.  Work smarter, not harder. 



By taking the time, and putting forth the effort this month, you are going to begin to narrow your focus on what really matters.  The every day emotional battles that some of you face will begin to pale as you focus more clearly on what God is calling you to.



Annie Byrne