Marching Orders

Four months ago, the Lord spoke to me that March will bring new marching orders. I pondered this in my heart, like Mary did in Luke 2:19. I personally believe that God is going to use this month to hand out new plans, new understanding of hopes and dreams, and even a change in circumstances. Some people that I have talked to in recent days have found themselves in unexpected change of job or relationship. Watch and pay attention to the next 20 days as God begins to mature your dreams with specific direction.  

He is giving out new marching orders. What does that mean for you? It's simple really. If you have been feeling tension in certain areas of your life, take that as a sign to seek God on new direction. It does not necessarily mean that you will quit your job, move to a new location, or leave your position. However, it could mean that you are to look around where you are planted and march in a different way. Put your efforts into a different area of focus.


Marching orders are often given at a home base, and they always seek to advance the cause, defeat the enemy, and gain an advantage. Marching orders are birthed out of hope, strategy, and getting ready to win a war or battle. So be encouraged, and take time to really lean in, and hear from the Lord.  

What is He saying? Are you feeling unrest because of tension? Is it time to look around where you are planted, and invest, work, or explore with a new strategy? Or is God calling you to something that is going to stretch you and move you into a totally new environment? I believe God is going to surprise you this month, and give you a new rhythm to your step. 

Annie Byrne