Have A Good Day!

In life, we often have days that are “typical.” Not bad but not good. I believe that if we change our perspective and allow the Holy Spirit to redirect our mindset, we can change our typical day to an exceptionally good day. I often find that typical days easily regress into bad days. When we become complacent in our thought processes, we close the door for recognition of the greater things at hand. I believe these three tools will help change the direction of the day you’re having.

            In order to have a good day, we need to allow our perspective to change from “just another day” to a Psalms 118:24 kind of day. In order for our thought process to constantly stay positive, we need to make the daily decision to have a good day. We need to wake up, acknowledge the Holy Spirit, and declare a good day over our lives. There is a power and authority in our voices and when we use them to make declarations over ourselves, it denies alternative mindsets to creep in. When we speak with the same authority that was given to us through Jesus Christ, we have the ability to completely reconstruct the direction of our day. Even if it is unbeknownst to our conscious minds, we have changed the direction of our cogitation. The action of declaration will result in an expansion of jurisdiction over our day. 

            In addition to declaration, intentionality is key in having a good day. Just as we need to be intentional in relationships, we need to be intentional to have a good day. It’s easy for our minds to wander down a path of negativity after something bad happens. After a bad thing happens, we often allow it to dictate the direction of the rest our day. Our thoughts will go to the negative thing and we let our mind wrap around it for the rest of the day. Thus, resulting in a bad day. When something bad happens we need to deal with it appropriately and then immediately turn the direction of our thoughts to the positives. When we continue to dwell on negative circumstances, we create a breeding ground for anxiety. That’s why it’s so crucial to be intentional with positivity. Positivity reproduces hope, which gives us the necessary tools to have a good day. 

            Lastly we need to remember that God is good. Although that’s a redundant statement, we quickly let it slip our minds. Christians often act like their circumstances catch God of guard. We “give it all” to God on Sunday and then take it all back on Monday morning at work. We say that we give God all the control, the good and the bad. But when bad circumstances happen, we panic and react as if we don’t have the creator of the universe on our side. We like to take control when bad things happen and try to dig ourselves out of our poor circumstances. Obviously our efforts will produce no fruit until we give God all of the control back. Since our efforts won’t produce fruit, we panic more and spiral downward into a mental breakdown and believe a lie that our lives are going down the drain. Truthfully when we feel like we have no control, that’s a good thing. That means we have no other choice than to trust that God is faithful and sovereign. When we don’t have control it means that God does, and that is the most comforting thing we can possibly have in a negative situation. I would rather live in external chaos, if it meant having the ultimate state of peace internally knowing that God has my heart on his mind. 



            In order to have a good day we need to declare the goodness of God over our lives daily. We encourage you to apply these three tools to your life. You will see a change! Have a good day!



Emily Brock