Dreaming of Today

I spent the first weekend of October attending a fall wedding of some old friends. I began to talk to a friend whom I had not been in contact with for nearly 15 years (yes, I felt very old when I realized 15 years had passed). As we were talking, she talked about some of the major successes she had experienced over the years. I asked what she was planning to do with her success. Laughing she said “No, I wasn’t even really planning on being in the position I am today.” Then, she conveyed a life-motto that had in fact opened up doors of promotion. “I live by a simple philosophy” she said, “The best preparation for tomorrow is to pursue excellence today.” I was hit in my gut with this statement, so simple, so powerful, so true. The best preparation, is to focus on today, do your best today, and bring excellence to today.

I wonder how different our life would be if we simply focused on that statement in all we do. I am constantly surrounded by people who are dreaming, planning, and trying to figure out their tomorrow. I have noticed that often, in this place of planning, people miss the importance of the opportunities and responsibilities placed on them today. In fact, I hear many talking about how much better their life will be once they are promoted, give more responsibility, or placed in a different position. The truth, is that there is a specific correlation between how we do today making room for us to grow into our tomorrow.

I have been reminded of the importance of personal responsibility and
excellence in the scriptures. Proverbs 18:16 says a man’s gift makes room for him and brings him before the great. Other translations imply that when a man gives a gift it ushers him into promotion! As a scriptural principle this verse gives a great foundation for the stewardship and attention to detail that goes into gift giving, and personal gift development. This has become an impactful verse for me. The Lord has reminded me of this scriptural promise time and time again. When I become unsure of how to walk into what I am called to, the Lord reminds me to stay focused on excellence today and to continue to develop my gifting’s, my gift mix, and the talents He has given me. Taking the time to focus on my gifting today, and the responsibility that has come with that gifting is what makes room for my best tomorrow!

I encourage you today to take time with the Lord and ask Him for strategy in living in excellence today. Let's commit together to prepare for tomorrow by giving our best today and stewarding what we have been entrusted with!

Annie Byrne