Choose Peace Over Offense


Choose peace over offense!


Everyday we have opportunities to become offended. Whether it’s a person, comment, or look, we have the chance to be offended all the time. It could even be a person in your own inner circle. While you know their heart is for you, moments of conflict could cause hurt or offense in your heart. However, offense is a choice!


I believe that you have the wisdom to chose peace over offense. Although it is incredibly difficult to chose peace over offense when someone says something inappropriate to you, it is possible! We often let our minds believe the lie that we HAVE to be offended, and we believe that the other person is to blame. When we blame others for our offense, we put the responsibility of our emotions on them. If we learn to take control over our emotions and take accountability for our feelings, we will see growth in our lives.


It is so important to take our emotions back to The Lord when we begin to feel negatively. When we give back our angst to God, it makes room for things like joy and excitement in our hearts. It is the choice that we make with each and every encounter. Every single time you begin to feel offended, I encourage you to take your feelings back to God, and ask Him to reveal to you the root of the problem or offense.


On the flip side, boundaries differ from offense. Boundaries are set in place to create a healthy environment for relationships to mature. Offense is an attack from the enemy to create a gap filled with tension in between people.


I believe we have the authority to chose peace over offense, and I encourage you to apply peace to your life in times of offense!


Emily Brock